Why Another Open Source CMS?

A simple Google search for the term Open Source CMS will return thousands of pages. This begs to ask the question, why develop another open source CMS?

First, I would like to develop a CMS that practices the principles shared in 37 Signals' Getting Real book, where the Less is More approach leads to more user friendly software. The user interface is intentionally designed to reflect the "Web 2.0" design aesthetic of having a lot of whitespace, simple navigation and large text. Having a simple user interface is the key driver for the design of this project. Hence, this project is making no pretensions of trying to become another Typo3 or Drupal.

Second, a personal reason, the CakeCMS project is meant for education. The core CupCake CMS code will be kept relatively simple but well commented and documented, to allow programmers new to CakePHP, or to MVC for that matter, to look at a functional system and appreciate the ease of developming under this framework. Newbies who go through CakePHP's Blog Tutorial (Appendix A of the official manual) will appreciate exploring a slightly more sophisticated application to learn from in CupCake CMS. The Wiki provides an inside look at the core of CupCake CMS. (It is the creator's not-so-secret hope that this will also encourage programmers to contribute modules to the project.)

The third, and more lofty reason, is to have CMS that will be loved by freelance designers. This project aims to target the web designers who are burdened with the need to provide dynamic updating features in the sites they build, but do not find any of the "power tool" CMSes appealing. Being the trusty "spoon", instead of a "Swiss knife", is what this CMS is hoping for.

CupCake CMS was created by Jason A. Banico and is open to contributions from CakePHP Developers.
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